CMS – Construction Management System

CMS ( Construction Management System) is an application whose primary function is to provide  reliable cost forecast  and progress information for project cost control and management decision making. Though initially designed for Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM) type projects, CMS is able to support projects involving any or all Design/Specify,
Procure/Construct, and Install/Commission activities.


Complete and dynamic view of: –

  • Budget / Plan
  • Commitment
  • Forecast and Actual Costs
  • Quantities
  • Labour
  • Progress and Productivity

Other benefits:-

  • Multiuser, relational design
  • Supports fixed and dynamic forecasting
  • Rigorous and disciplined database structure
  • Total control of both awarded and unawarded work
  • Capability of interfacing to accounting or financial applications
  • Readily enhanced or customised
  • Flexible reporting with comprehensive user specified criteria.


  • Three – Dimensional (3D) matrix for storing and retrieving information
  • Account / Facility Code
  • Trade / Commodity Code
  • Phase / Stage Code
  • Create Code of Accounts representing the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Enter or Import control budget or business plan details
  • Enter Details of Purchase Orders or Contracts
  • Maintain Forecast values for Purchase Orders and Contracts·
  • Enter Progressive payments against commitment pay items
  • Assign appropriate portions of budgeted scope to awarded Purchase orders and contracts