eQuest – ground-up rewrite of Quest ..

 eQuest – “Enterprise Quest”

Since mid 2014 Quest has been undergoing a complete – ground up – redevelopment using Microsoft’s .NET framework. The new product is know as eQuest and is currently under going development with expected beta release in late 2015.

eQuest has benefited from the pioneering carried-out during the development of eCMS and hence has inherited most of the database, business layer and user interface design, structures, techniques and technologies.

eQuest featues:-

  • Windows .Net Framework application using a 3-layered application architecture comprising of a Presentation Layer, Business Layer and Data Access Layer.
  • Modern user interface look and feel, exploiting tabbed grid interface technologies.
  • SQL Server database that houses “enterprise” wide data for all eQuest projects, eliminating the need for separate project databases.
  • Isolation of data at the project and organisation (entity) level and controlled via user role and user entity membership.