Quest and CMS are the two flagship products of GTS Software. Since their original release in 2003, both products have been continuously enhanced and have now reached a version 3 level of maturity. Further enhancements are planned to take advantage of the latest development in Windows technologies and these are due to be trialed before the end of 2013.

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GTS Launches New Website

GTS Software, the premiere provider of capital estimation and construction management software in the mining industry have relaunched their website for January 2013. Additionally a new online self-help and support ticketing system will closely follow.

Their new support system will serve as an exceptional resource to the big miners and contractors all over Australia who currently use the Construction Management Software (CMS) and Quest Estimating Systems to underpin their strategic construction plans.

Bundled in with ticketing, FAQs and a sophisticated Knowledge-base (KB) will be a plethora of instructional resources including video tutorials.

Watch this space for more news of our Support System Launch.

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