Quest Estimating Tool

Quest is a estimating tool to aid estimators in the preparation of capital cost estimates. The system does not preempt the important contribution the estimator makes to an estimate, however, the system does relieve the estimator of much of the number crunching that is inherent in the generation of an estimate.

The system is designed essentially as a computerization of the steps normally undertaken manually in the preparation of an estimate. To achieve maximum benefit of the system, all estimate details should be input and / or updated by the individual estimator responsible for estimating that part of the scope, thus allowing the estimator to review and accept “standard” units from the uniform estimating guide.

Potential Benefits

  • Automatic retrieval of standard information
  • Computer calculation reducing possible estimating errors
  • Late adjustments are easily incorporated
  • Automation of the budget consolidation and loading into CMS
  • Ability to copy previous estimates when multiple cases are being estimated
  • Multiuser, relational design
  • Enhanced control
  • Identifies and estimates trends and variations during project implantation

Principle Functions

  • Provide development of standard estimating information.
  • Allow for interactive input of data by estimator
  • Specify project schedule for estimate details (future)
  • Generate standard reports using specific selections/sorting of estimate details.
  • Interactive interface to the Construction Management System (CMS)