Software Services

  • Software Analysis
  • Software Design
  • Software Programming
  • System Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Data Conversion

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Application Hosting

GTS Remote Desktop Services

GTS can provide on-line remote access to its software applications via highly secured connections over the Internet. With the aim to provide as seamless as possible access from inside corporate networks and firewalls, but with minimal or no IT infrastructure configuration required.

To achieve this, GTS has adopted the latest Microsoft Remote Desktop Services technologies and, along with carrier neutral, fully redundant data centre server hosting to ensure the necessary up-time guarantees required to give reliable, round-the-clock, global on-line access. More details are provided in the following links:-

Remote Desktop Solutions (pdf)…

Remote Desktop – Client Requirements and Hosting Infrastructure (pdf)…

Software Services

Software Analysis

As part of our service, we analyse what is actually required for your software requirements. Depending on the functionality required, we would give the best recommendations of what software environment to use, functionality, and the time it will take to complete the project. A search, evaluation and recommendation of potential off-the-shelf solutions may also be undertaken by GTS on your behalf.

Software Design

Based on the functionality required, we will design a software solution to your specifications along with any approved recommendations arising from the analysis phase.

Software Programming

This is the building and assembling your software application to signed off software design specifications.

System Management

After your software has been implemented, we are able to provide you with ongoing system management and software maintenance services. This is to ensure you realise the benefits of your investment in the solution. This includes maintenance and enhancement, post implementation assessment and review, assistance with work processes and procedures and documentation as required.

Software Project Management

Every software application being designed and then implemented requires project management. This ensures that you are aware of every step of the progress by meeting milestones and budgets within the project.

Data Conversion

GTS Software has extensive experience in the transfer and integration of data between environments and applications. All of these services are available from GTS mid-range, personal computer and personal computer network systems.