CMSV3/QuestV3 Bulletin Dec 2023 – Update of Implementation Technical Standard for GTS Applications

  • CMSV3 (Construction Management System
  • QuestV3 – Capital Cost Estimating System

From mid December 2023, the deployment standard for CMSV3 / QuestV3 will be Microsoft Access 2016 (Runtime 16.0.4288.1001 32bit) and Microsoft SQL Server 2019.  We will be encouraging and supporting our clients to move away from earlier technologies and thereby obviate any perceived risk associated with end-of-support or end-of-life of dependent components.

This initiative extends the life of CMSV3/QuestV3 until 14 October 2025.

In addition we will be promoting implementation based on RADC or Citrix / Azure equivalent, and moving strongly away from desktop client-installed implementation.  Historically the RADC (and equivalent) solution has demonstrated significant advantages for administration and support of the application including User Access / License Control, Version Control and GTS Application Support.

Installation executables for the Applications along with installation / implementation support are available from GTS and there is no additional GTS costs associated, as this is  covered under the Maintenance and Support provisions of Existing License Agreements.

The GTS Software hosted service for the applications will be upgraded in accordance with the above standard, in January 2024.

We trust our clients find this information of value and we look forward to providing our support ongoing.

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